Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette
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Green Smoke Batteries


Green Smoke has 2 replacement battery options. They offer a short and a long battery. Your choice for $24.97 each. They also offer a three pack of batteries for only $59.97, that is like buying two at regular price and getting the third for only $10.00!

The new Green Smoke batteries do not have a short cut-off time any more which gives you even better vapor & more throat hit on the first puff. I do not need to do a primer puff any longer to get it started!

I usually get about 3-4 hours of use from my batteries, but it will vary depending on your smoking habits.

It is always a good idea to have a spare or two, just in case.


For best battery performance do NOT leave the battery on the charger overnight! Also try not to let the battery go completely dead.

You  should always charge your batteries between 2 to 3 hours for best performance. Even a new battery!

New Pink Battery is now available!


The short battery with the cartridge is about the same size as a tobacco 100 cigarette (98mm or 3.9 inches). The long battery with the cartridge is about .5" longer (112mm or 4.46 inches).

Here is a picture I took of them for comparison.

Green Smoke also offers a USB Electric Cigarette for those on the computer a lot. Simply plug it in to any usb port and you can save your batteries for when you are out and about. Then when you are on the go, your batteries will still have a good charge in them. The USB Electric Cigarette is only $24.97.

You get a free carry case now with every kit purchase to keep your ecig safe.

This case is great to keep you ecig safe. I have one and I love it. You can carry 2 batteries and 4 carts or 3 batteries and 2 carts. Whichever you prefer to keep you going!