Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette
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Since 2008 and growing strong!
The Green Smoke electronic cigarette is the Cadillac of ecigs.


Thank you for visiting my discount site for the
Green Smoke Ecig. I have been using this ecig myself since January 2010 and I like them so much I decided to become an affiliate for Green Smoke. I want to show you some details and give you a discount (see coupon codes) if you would like to try it. I really like the vapor it produces and the flavors. I think this is the best electronic cigarette on the market today. Many of the pictures you will see are of my own Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette.

The best part is that you can use the Green Smoke ecig almost anywhere! At the office or mall, on a bus or airplane, even at the bar or restaurant!

This ecig is a smokeless cigarette, that means they are not included in the smoking bans! There is no smoke, just a vapor mist that disappears almost instantly. It is a less offensive smoking alternative and it is virtually odorless!

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette is also better because there is no ash, fire or flame. That means no more hot sparks burning holes in your clothes or furniture! 
Green Smoke can save you money in more ways than you might think.

                  Tobacco Smoke Stain             Ecig Vapor Evaporated


No more smokers breath. No more smell of stale, offensive smoke in your clothes and furniture. No more yellow stains on the walls and in your car. Enjoy an electronic cigarette and save 50% or more of what you are spending on cigarettes! Go GREEN and save green with an ecig!

Clicking on any link or picture will take you to the 
Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette website where you can look around or place an order if you would like, (don't forget the coupon codes).

Green Smoke is a two piece ecig. Also known as a mini or an E9. This means it has a battery and a flavor cartridge or cartomizer, the atomizer is built into each cartridge. It also means this electronic cigarette is very simple to use. You just unscrew the cartridge from the the battery and replace it with a new one or a refilled one.


The atomizer that heats up the ecig cartridge material to produce the vapor is built into every ecig cartridge and runs the length of the material. This produces great vapor. A Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette cartridge can last about 1.5 to 2 packs of cigarettes. The cartridges are made of steel so they do not split or crack creating leaks.


3 or 4 piece ecigs have a seperate atomizer that only touches the tip of the cartridge material. Many only last for 3 to 10 cigarettes. The 3 or 4 piece electronic cigarette cartridges are also made of flimsy plastic that can split or break causing leaks. That can get very messy.

Here is the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Pro Kit. The pro kit includes two batteries (one short and one long), 10 cartridges, a high powered USB charger, a high powered wall and car adapter, a USB cigarette and a carry case along with a users guide and a membership card. These ecig batteries have a green tip that turns red when "smoked".

The Green Smoke short ecig battery with the cartridge measures 98mm (3.9 inches) and the long ecig battery with cartridge measures 112mm (4.46 inches). Basically this means that the short battery with cartridge is the same size as a 100 tobacco cigarette and the long battery with cartridge is about a half inch longer than a 100.

                            Now available with Pink batteries!


Here is a picture I took to show you both the short and long Green Smoke ecig batteries next to a regular and a 100 length tobacco cigarette.


The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is a little bit wider than a regular cigarette, but not much. It is easy to use and maintain, it does not get much better than this!

With the carry case you can keep 2 or 3 fresh electronic cigarette batteries and 2-4 cartridges with you so you will not run out of battery or flavor. It comes in your choice of green, black or white and is now free with all kits.


The Green Smoke electronic cigarette contains nicotine, which is highly addictive. It is not a medical device and makes no claims to help a person quit smoking. The Green Smoke electric cigarette is allowed to be used only by adults (minimum age 18 or 21 depending on individual's state laws). Like cigarettes, it is not FDA approved.